Thursday, February 22, 2018


I was having my usual cup of joe and reading the commentary at Vox Popoli blog when the cell phone Emergency Broadcast Signal Alert went off. This cell phone emergency messaging typically only happens when we have imminent heavy rains headed our way and the Government issues flash flood warning watches on the Emergency Broadcast channels.

It was Saturday morning at 8:08 am in the 808 State.

My wife looked at the message on the phone and completely freaked out.


I almost spit out my coffee I had been sipping when the alarm first went off.

I told her to calm down, it's gotta be a joke.

My immediate thought were:


I guess all this time spent on teh Interwebz becoming a Whackaloon Conspiritard left me unsurprised and immediately skeptical of my State Emergency Broadcast System's purported dire warnings of imminent nuclear annihilation.

She turned on the radio. A similar message was being broadcast on all radio channels. I went over to the tell-a-vision and turned it on. Nothing but normal programming. I flipped through several channels before I came to the local SeeBS affiliate channel which was showing a college basketball game. It had a banner scrolling along the top of the screen with a similar (though not exact message) as the initial text message that started the day's false flag frivolities. None of the other local broadcast channels had any messages, scrolling banners or any other interruption of their regularly scheduled programming.

I went back to my computer and began googling. No one had anything about our false alarm on teh Interwebz yet.

The radio broadcast emergency message continued for about two more minutes, before breaking back into it's normal scheduled music broadcast. The scroll stopped running on the tell-a-vision college basketball game. My phone was blowing up with texts and calls from family and friends. I replied to a few of the texts but didn't answer any of the calls. I had a panicked family to deal with at the moment.

My wife was on the phone tearfully telling her parents goodbye.

She hung up the phone and yelled at me that we needed to do something. I tried logic and reason to calm her down. The children started crying.

"Look, even if there really is a missile headed our way, that doesn't mean it's a nuke. It could be an attempted demonstration of North Korea's missile capability in an effort to gain power in negotiating with our Government. On the other hand, if it is a nuke, and it actually hits our island, hasta la vista babe! It's been a great life...Game Over. In either case, it's beyond our control, there is nothing we can do. Besides, if this is the start of World War Three, do we really want to live afterward?"

Needless to say, my unassailable logic failed to calm her down.

We have been preppers for years. We've got emergency supplies, bug out bags, evacuation plans and other preparations to deal with most potential civil disaster events - an earthquake, an approaching hurricane, a tsunami, total economic collapse and especially the coming zombie apocalypse. I have the mentality of a die hard survivalist and will fight until my last breath to survive or overcome any possible SHTF/TEOTWAKI events that may come to pass. But a nuclear strike on my island home? Even if we survived the initial blast, I don't think I care to test my will to survive in an post-apocalyptic nuclear ravaged landscape.

For I've also always reasoned that a nuke strike on Hawaii would simply be the first nuke in a multitude of exchanges resulting in a worldwide nuclear holocaust. No ways Hawaii gets blown off the map without the  US retaliating in kind. And that, of course, would likely be followed up with the world's other nuclear powers getting in on the action. I've decided years ago when I first began prepping that I'd rather die by instantaneous vaporization in the first blast then try to survive in an atomic post-apocalyptic world.

Needless to say, my wife was not comforted with my reasoning. She began to take the bug out bags out of their storage and gathering up other things to prepare to evacuate.

I sat back down at the computer and began googling again. Not one mention of our little island's drama anywhere for over 35 minutes. Finally, Drudge had a headline declaring it a False Alarm with a link to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency's twitter account.

As soon as I saw the HEMA twitter page with it's rather illuminating logo, I LOL'd.


At the same time, my wife's phone went off again. Her parents were texting that it was a false alarm. Finally she began to calm down.

I resisted the urge to say I told you so, and refilled my coffee cup and googled some more. The very first mainstream media report came from the UK's DailyMail website, nearly 45 minutes after the fun began. I couldn't believe a UK-based celebretard tabloid scooped the entirety of the American media-propaganda-fake-news industrial complex. 

Ah well, that certainly made for a drama filled start to a typically lazy Saturday morning. I finished my coffee, logged off teh Interwebz and proceeded with my plans I already had made for that day.

I didn't log back on to teh Interwebz until the next day. I was curious to see the online post-mortem from both local and worldwide reaction to out little mass media psyop false flag event.

I LOL'd at Henry Makow's twitter quip as it mirrored my initial response to the first alert: "Who is in charge of missle alerts on Hawaii...Orson Welles?"

But it was at the Vox Popoli thread discussing it that I really wanted to join in on the conversation...however, for whatever reason, I've been unable to comment at Vox's for a few months now. My IP must have been spammed by one of the mods while I was sock puppeting for the LULz or Googliath doesn't like me anymore as an anonymous commenter, as whenever I try to comment now, it appears for a moment than disappears. Ah well, it's all good. While I miss playing around with the VFM & the Dread Ilk, it is better for my time management and real life productivity to avoid getting into commentary debates on teh Interwebz anymore. Hell, I'm only getting around to blogging here because I'm currently rained out from my regularly planned typical Thursday work day.

That being said, I copied a few of the comments and responded to them here with the intent to publish this blog post in a timely manner. Shit happened, got really busy again in the real life, and here we are over a month later. Ah well, I hope this post still makes for interesting reading for those of you left that still bother to check in occasionally on my little corner of teh Interwebz.

Answering posts from State employee screws up, Trump top blame:

"It was all due to one guy with his finger on the button. How comical. Wonder if he's a democrat?" - Salt

Guaranteed. The only Republican to ever win in any significant election whatsoever since Statehood was our (((Lesbian Governor))) in the early '00s. And even though she reigned for 8 years, the State Government bureaucracy was still by and large, Hawaii Government Employee Union members (aka Democrats for life).

"Given how many state employees are doing just that on the job...Idiocracy is the best case scenario." - The Observer

Hawaii's largest employer is the State Government. Hawaii's largest union is the Government Employees Union. In terms of the majority of those employees, Idiocracy is being a bit generous. That being said, there is no way in hell this event was an accident. Rest assured, Hawaii has it's elite 1% at the levers of power, and they are no idiots, and they certainly know how to manipulate the useful idiot cogs in the State machine to do something like this quite purposefully and deliberately for their own nefarious reasons.

"My conspiracy theory...

Someone in the govt. wanted to see how people would react if the U.S. was actually attacked.

The results would have been as predicted (people running around like headless chickens)." - Simon

My conspiracy theory:

Someone in the elite 1% of our Brave New World Order's Global Hegemony wanted to run another of their periodic tests to get a read on the effectiveness of their mass media propaganda operations on a sample-size population.

T.H.E.Y. have spent a lot of time, money and efforts in producing the media to  manipulate the masses with the institutionalized public education system, and regularly scheduled programming on the tell-a-vision, the silver screen and the Infotainment Industrial Complex.

Besides, I highly doubt it was accidental that only a couple of weeks or so prior to our little test run here, all of the mainstream mass media propaganda industrial complex was broadcasting that lunatic in PyongYang was threatening USA Inc., with nukes and that Mein Trumpenfuhrer was irresponsibly and recklessly provoking him. In hindsight, the obvious predictive programming was obvious.

"When competently accomplishing a task is seventh or eighth on the list of important things about holding a position of employment... You might be a banana republic." - JACIII

Nah, we are just the 50th Franchise of USA Inc.  As a franchise, we have the same opportunities available for bureaucratic incompetence and inefficiency as any the other Democrat-stronghold Franchise in the upper 48 States. While I've never tried it, at this point, I'm thinking that life under a banana Republic would perhaps be preferred than the current status quo.

" turns out that Mr. Miyagi was the boss. Apparently Daniel-san failed to grasp switch-on, switch-off." - Gordon Scott
Hai! Mr. Miyagi (the actual HEMA representative, not the Karate Kid movie character) is the perfect representation of the typical State Government bureaucrat with strong union protection and the confidence that he will have a generous tax payer funded pension to live off for resigning. He took responsibility for one of his supposed underling's mistake, and a few weeks later and no one cares anymore.

"That warning system takes more than one step to activate. Incompetent people tend to not be that stupid." - swiftfoxmark2

Agreed. I have zero doubt in my mind that this was no simple accident or mistake.

"The story out there now is that the alert was "accidentally triggered during a shift change." Since that shouldn't be remotely possible, everybody is "investigating." I'm betting that the culprit will not be held responsible, or at most suspended with full pay..." - pyrrhus

If their actually is a single person responsible for physically pressing "the button," they will be protected by his union and will be shielded by Mr. Miyagi's tell-a-vision sepukku act. He took full responsibility!

"As far as I can tell, both regular internet and phone/VOIP connections to the mainland held up. That is actually kind of impressive, and frankly more than I expected given the circumstances." - Darth Dharmakirti

That was most likely one part of this see how the communications network would hold up in the event of mass civil panic and the inevitable deluge of people frantically calling-texting-tweeting all at once.

"Wherever the emergency alert button is located, I am pretty sure it will soon be encased in hard plastic soon with a key required to open it.....and the governor will have the key on a bead chain around his neck....and a checklist of required steps before bothering him for the key.

If the North Koreans (or Chinese) did not trigger this "false alarm", they must be thanking their lucky stars right now. Now the early warning system will be more difficult to trigger and will be slow to respond and leave less warning time for Hawaiians....all of which is the wrong response but the most likely." - DonReynolds

That was one of my first thoughts in the first seconds after I heard the emergency alert on my mobile phone. A prank by hacking, a deliberate test run, or the start of a False Flag event to kick off World War III.

Rest assured, T.H.E.Y. used false flag events to kick off the last two world wars, and it is a virtual certainty that the next one will start be started with a false flag event as well.

"If there's a conspiracy, that's the most likely one. Drills are BS. If you want to know how people react, you have to give them a real life test. We'll see how sunk America is over the next few days, because after the shock wears off, the real news is Hawaii is comically unprepared." - Roundtine

How does the average citizen living in one of the highest cost-of-living states, financed to the gills in usury to live the American Dream in Paradise, going to prepare for an actual Nuclear Strike from North Korea? We have our preppers amongst the populace, but the majority of people live in old plantation style single wall-housing on stilts, McMansions in modern American-planned community-style suburban housing tracts with *NO BASEMENTS*, and high rise apartment buildings.

The current Civil Defense system is set up in Hawaii to have the majority of the populace seek shelter in the concrete building public schools that are in every community throughout the State. Great idea for hurricanes and tsunamis, but in terms of a direct nuclear strike?

I'd rather get vaporized in the comfort of my own home rather then crowded into the nearest public school shelter with a bunch of my panic-jacked neighbors in a post-apocalyptic world.

"The Q anon explanation is that a missile alert triggers a bulk data transfer and wipe of the NSA data center in Hawaii." - Phelps

That certainly sounds plausible. Running a planned test could certainly have more than one objective they wish to achieve.

"It's news about a political subject - I assume that all parties involved are lying, the media will not understand and misquote, and the truth has only a tangential contact with anything said by anyone involved (if at all)." - Just another commenter

I could have wrote that.

Maybe I did.

"Obviously a shady group in Russian government shot a missile at Hawaii, which was shot down, but unfortunately at the exact same moment, another shady group in Russian government, which didn't know of the other group, hacked the alarm system into giving what was supposed to be a false alarm. A third group of Russians have earlier influenced Trump to create a dangerous world in which this would create hysteria.

It's Russians all the way down." - Markku

Markku forgot the most important aspect of the Russiangate was to cover for the closing of the HotDog Stand that was the Hawaiian connection to Pizzagate...

"i'm with the conspiracy theorists on this. we decided we were not ready to have a war today... so we covered up the fact that we shot down the missile.

Now.. if that is true... then we can predict a big build up for war in the near future. with questionable justification for it." - Nate

This could be true too...we have the anti-missile testing base at Kekaha on Kaua'i, and they have been regularly doing missle defense tests at least since the Reagan era cold war.

But I don't believe NoRKo actually launched anything. Or if they did, it was most likely a dummy missile with no nuke payload, meant more as a demonstration of "Here's our range with what we are capable of with our ballistic missiles." If our "star wars" program at Kekaha shot that missile down, it HAD to be a non-nuke payload, otherwise I'm quite sure we would have at least heard it get blown to smithereens. People in mainland China purportedly saw the nuclear blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If our anti-missile defense system intercepted a live nuke from NorKo, we would have heard or seen something in our skies....

"I don't buy either the "oops" excuse or the "we shot one down" scenario.
I'm going with some low-level apparatchik flipping a few switches intentionally trying to get the President to blink & launch pre-emptively at the NORKs. HI, as noted above is deep-HRC country...likely heavy on the #resist...I put nothing past that mob of jackals." - John (not the pope)

While I believe that is certainly possible amongst the hardcore progressive trueblues that are everywhere in this State, I don't believe this sort of event is even possible to start with low-level apparatchik screwing up their job. 

"It seems more likely this was a test. You can't test a genuine public response if you say it's a drill." - Battlefrog


"If you are vacationing in Hawaii when a missile attack occurs, there isn't much you can do unless you have close relatives with a home nearby. Rather than panic you may as well order the most expensive thing in the restaurant or from room service and enjoy your last meal." - Precious

For a moment, I suspended my disbelief and thought about what I should do if it was indeed a real missile attack. I thought about lighting up my most expensive cigar in my humidor and finishing off my most treasured bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. Glad I stuck with my first instincts that it was a false alarm.

I'll save the Pappy for a better special occasion.

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Illusionary Rule of Law

 Artisanal Toad wrote a lengthy comment on my last post that was thought provoking enough for me to riff off of as a new post rather then responding to him in the combox.

I'm sure it's an unpopular opinion, but I see a real problem with the widespread civil disobedience encapsulated in your post because it demonstrates the public's contempt for the rule of law. Deeper than that, it likewise points to the fact that the public (at least subconsciously) understands we no longer have any rule of law.

I think you're largely correct AT, but not about the average person understanding consciously or subconsciously that we don't have any rule of law. I think the average person has been conditioned aka programmed to believe that all of the abrogations of our constitutional laws are in fact the rule of law in action.

Observably in every judicial district of the State the various judges routinely flout this section of the law through the use of a legal fiction, ordering men to pay an arbitrarily set amount of child support or alimony and then jailing them for contempt if the debt is not paid. The legal fiction is that the man isn't being jailed for non-payment, he's being jailed for violating the courts order.

Other state constitutions have similar provisions and if that weren't enough 13th Amendment to the US constitution prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude. The peonage statutes specifically prohibit what the US child-support and alimony system has become. Not only is jailing men who can't pay their child support or alimony unconstitutional, but the court's use of a legal fiction in doing so is the proof the judges understand exactly what they are doing. Even if the men can pay the arbitrary amounts awarded by the courts, the entire system is an unconstitutional system of involuntary servitude.

When judges routinely refuse to enforce the clear protections of the constitution, favoring one group against another, they violate the constitution. Yet there is a mechanism for removing judges who refuse to uphold and obey the constitution and the process devolves to the electorate. But, when (as is now the case) the population refuses to replace the judges who violate the constitution, the constitution is abrogated and we have no rule of law.

Observably, the feminist electorate has abrogated the rule of law at this point. 

All true, but the real point is that the vast majority of the citizenry still uphold and support the abrogation of the constitution due to the rest of the establishment working in lockstep to enforce the unconstitutional family law system, as well as a whole host of other abrogations of the Constitution like the war on drugs, mass surveillance, Kelo, etc. Mass media programming and the entire education system from Kindergarten to PhD level University education all promote constitutional violations by the system and it's agents by programming the citizenry into believing that the abrogation IS supporting the rule of law and the betterment of civil society.

And while some might say this is an academic point, it isn't. A Constitution, whether it be state or federal, is the agreed-upon rule of law between sovereigns that underpins the entire government and without that agreed-upon treaty between sovereigns, we have only a collection of sovereigns without law. Without the constitutions, we have no legitimate government and likewise no legitimate way to redress grievances.

When a people do not have a legitimate way to redress grievances, they will address them illegitimately...while ignoring the inherent cognitive dissonance that should result from participating in activities that are contra to the self-image the typical citizen has of his or her self as a law abiding citizen. 

Case in point, the openly defied fireworks prohibition in Hawaii on an annual basis. What was once a cherished cultural tradition has now become a publicly supported, highly formalized and periodically controlled expression of anarchy. But the vast majority of participants wouldn't ever conceivably consider themselves as anarchists.

Fireworks on New Years in Hawaii is widely considered in integral tradition of Hawaii's modern day culture as is surfing, luaus and hula dancing. Every New Years Eve we are reminded of the fact that some cultural practises will continue regardless of what the Government deems it licit or illicit. Of course, in this case, the factors behind the national experiment of alcohol prohibition are the same factors involved in the continued ban on one of Hawaii's most popular and continually practiced traditions.

* Since Statehood, Hawaii has been a staunchly Democrat voting, unionized liberal dystopia of over-regulation, over-taxation and Government enforced cartelization of the majority of the commercial markets. By keeping fireworks illegal despite the overwhelming annual evidence that the majority of the populace disagrees with this prohibition, the establishment allows the populace to "let off some steam" at the otherwise highly over--regulated existence we belabor under the other 364 days of the year. Basically creating the conditions for an annual "micro-revolution" helps stave off the potential for a real revolution.

* Just like alcohol prohibition, the prohibition on fireworks is VERY lucrative for all the participants in the black market....and the truth of the situation is this: the sheer volume of fireworks arrive in the Hawaiian marketplace via shipping containers. And that is controlled by the most powerful union in the State - the longshoremen. The Stevedores run this town. And it is a virtual certainty that many of them HAVE to be involved in the smuggling of black market of fireworks. For anyone to think otherwise is to be utterly naive.

*Thanks to prohibition, the black market markup of a highly demanded cultural product makes the off-the-books profiteering more lucrative than probably any other black market commodity in least in the two months leading up to New Years Eve.

* The excessively high demand during the holiday season makes all those involved in fireworks smuggling, dealing and using a once-a-year criminal endeavor, so the vast majority of participants are not otherwise involved in a year round lifestyle of criminal enterprise. As it is also seasonal, those who profit off of the market also no doubt use it to subsidize all the other expenditures of the typical holiday season. As for the typical Hawaii resident firework user, most consider themselves otherwise civic minded, law abiding citizens for the rest of the year.

*The majority of the fireworks black market operates through the workplace. Dealers create order lists and distribute them to co-workers in both blue and white collar workplaces. Of course this is not the only way, as people involved in other black markets like drugs and gambling rings also distribute the order lists to their clientele. But the vast majority of fireworks are ordered and sold via the workplace. In other words, while the fireworks is a black market, it is not sold and distributed through the typical black market venues of shady, crime infested environments like other black market endeavors.

With the Establishment banning aerial fireworks, the Government itself willingly and knowingly creates the conditions to criminalize a large subset of the population who are normally law abiding and otherwise active participants in propagating a civil society throughout the rest of the year...while also underwriting extreme profiteering by the people involved in the black market distribution who are also the one of the most influential labor unions in the State.

And while many would point to the (semi) functioning courts, public safety services and other current aspects of government as evidence that I'm wrong, they now have only the illusion of legitimacy.
In the end there must be justice and one way or another there will be justice. Very few in the population can comprehend the issues involved nowadays, but the one salient point that must be made is this.

In the absence of a rule of law, the only recourse for the redress of grievances or injury between sovereigns is war.

Every person who comes to this realization is then faced with a choice: will they go to war to seek justice, or will they submit to injustice and go along to get along? But that's the real rub here. Thanks to the establishment of our Brave New World Order's methods of regularly scheduled programming mind control, we have the illusion of freedom and democracy hiding the actual authoritarian tyranny in plain sight, and most never reconcile the cognitive dissonance of it all, but instead ignore it and "go back to sleep."

Or they only come to this realization when they've already been run through the grinder and only see the situation clearly when it's too late.

Those who rule our Brave New World Order use the illusion of "freedom" and "democracy" to hide the only legitimacy T.H.E.Y. recognize as the supreme law that they abide by and use to oppress and subjugate the rest of us: "Might makes right" and "Do as thou wilt."

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

An Annual Demonstration of Respect for the Rule of Law

Oahu, Hawaii - New Years Eve 2018

The above posted YouTube video of someone driving down the freeway while filming the skies gives a good snapshot of just how widespread the people of Hawaii defy the law on an annual basis. In every town and every district on the island of Oahu, from about 8pm on December 31 til 1:00am January 1st, the skies light up like a virtual war zone, as the majority of residents celebrate in solidarity to practice a cultural tradition that authorities have sought to end by decree for the past three decades and counting. It's a perfect demonstration of just how much THE LAW is respected, revered and obeyed by the general populace here!

As a young boy growing up in Hawaii, I distinctly remember the day it was announced that the mayor of Honolulu had signed off on the law that made the sale, possession and use of aerial fireworks illegal. That was in 1984, and if memory serves me correctly, that mayor's decision ended her first term and she lost re-election the following year to the former mayor she defeated in the previous election, in a landslide.

There are no official sources I can cite with regards to this, but I remember all of the adults in my life discussing the first (and only) female mayor in Honolulu's history who had previously won election by a 70% landslide, getting basically  thrown out of office by the electorate for daring to outlaw one of Hawaii's most popular New Years Eve traditions. She was fortunate that the custom of tar and feathers for unpopular politicians was no longer practiced. 

Despite such an overwhelming display of displeasure by the electorate, the ban on aerial fireworks in the City and County of Honolulu has never been overturned. The establishment that runs this town has seen fit to keep that aerial fireworks ban in place and our media and politicians see fit to issue dire warnings and proclamations every year about the illegality of selling, owning and using aerial fireworks. The occasional house fire or mishap that results in injuries and lost fingers are highlighted by the State propaganda organs tell-a-vision and fish wrapper/bird cage liner media headlines constantly in the aftermath of every New Year. So too are the handful of arrests and prosecutions of various participants in the thriving black market of illicit aerials. And yet the vast majority of the populace persist!

What is the State to do to get we the sheeple to comply?

As it stands, only licensed, accredited and regulated firework companies are allowed to acquire permits to legally set off aerial fireworks in the City and County of Honolulu. And every year, a handful of Waikiki hotels and other resorts around the island hire these legal companies to put on their licit firework shows. But these legal shows are dwarfed in comparison by the number of illegal fireworks that light up the sky all over the island on New Years Eve.

Year after year for as far as I can remember, the majority of the people of Hawaii have participated vigorously and enthusiastically in flouting the ban on aerial fireworks by spending millions of dollars on the black market annually to acquire the contraband and set them all off every New Years Eve. Cops, firemen, politicians, lawyers, union workers, government employees....nearly all would have to admit to being a scofflaw at least once in the past if they were born and raised here.

Most people from all walks of life in this State will fondly discuss our prohibited New Years tradition of recreational aerial bombardments, while State officials and our controlled media continually push the narrative that most people of Hawaii are opposed to this annual tradition, and only a minority of criminals and scofflaws are ruining the peace, quiet and air quality for the rest of us.

It is to laugh.

Despite the overwhelming statement made every year in the skies of the Pacific as to what the obvious will of the people is in our State, our rulers persist in declaring it prohibited activity so as to continually push the agenda to over-regulate and criminalizes all sorts of behavior to create a society in which any citizen anywhere can be arrested and charged with a crime at any time. As Stalin's head of the NKVD secret police Beria infamously quipped, "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime."

In the article for Reason magazine, We're All Felons, Now,  Radley Balko cites what I think is a relevant quote by Ayn Rand:

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws."

Riffing off of Rand's quote, Balko concludes:

"Whatever one may think of Ayn Rand's political philosophy or ethics, her criminal justice prophecy has proven unsettlingly accurate: In our continuing eagerness to purge American society of crime, we've allowed the government to make us all into criminals."

I'm sure this no doubt plays a part in the continued prohibition of one of Hawaii's favorite cultural traditions. Every New Years Eve, we the people of Hawaii come together in solidarity and express our criminalized consensus in the sky for all to see, regarding the sanctity of the rule of Law in this, the 50th franchise of USA Inc. If we truly were a "Democracy," ruled by the consent of the masses, the prohibition would have never happened.  I'd love to see Hawaii get the chance to vote on a ballot referendum regarding the legality of aerial fireworks. I'd bet everything I had on the particular outcome of that one.

Happy New Year!